EVO Invest –
a DAO VC Club

A community of educated
crypto investors

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EVO INVEST – a bridge between crypto start-ups and retail investors

If You Are

New To Investing

You will learn the basics of project analytics and get a chance to invest in early presale rounds alongside our investors

A Seasoned Investor

Our professional analytics team researches and selects high quality crypto projects to add to your portfolio

A Crypto Start-Up

We will be happy to offer your project to our community of qualified and educated investors interested in the longevity of their investments

An Influencer

We are open to mutually beneficial collaborations

Our values


Educated investors are the foundation of a healthy investing community.

We offer trading and investing education and support


A community of educated investors where anyone can learn, evolve and grow.

Continuous community engagement ensures projects’ longevity.


Research and analytics of the most high-potential and fundamental crypro start-ups on the market.

Diversification between current market trends - GameFi, Metaverse, NFT, Web3, etc.

A low entry point into sought-after crypto projects.


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